We do property management through our expert real estate consultants in İstanbul and Turkey.


Finding the right tenant

Our professional agents do their best finding right tenant with maximum rent for your property at the shortest possible time.

Signing the contract

Property Management lawyers prepare your contract with relevant documents from tanent.

Handing over of the property to tenant at contract start

Our experts check all the fixtures floors and walls and make sure that they are in perfect shape before handing over to the tanent.

Collecting rents

We collect the monthly rent and send you in the payment period. In case of a delay in payment, it is our duty to contact tanent and take the necessary actions.

Following up annual rental increase

Property Management expert do the follow-up during rent increase terms.

Legal consultancy for disputes with tenant *

In case of a dispute Property Management lawyers can provide legal consultancy. They only take action after getting your consent.

Maintenance and repair needs of the property **

If any damage occurs, first we check the extent of damage and inform landlord through Property Management System. We call the repairman only after your approval.

Inspection of the property after contract termination

When tenant moves out from property, we check whether property is at the same condition when we handed over. Depending on the condition we decide how much we will deduct from deposit.

Communication with the building management

We always keep in touch with building management and follow developments. Our experts check whether tenant pays the dues.

Payment of taxes

Owners are in responsible for paying property or rental income taxes. Our experts deduct these taxes from landlord’s balance and pay on your behalf after your approval.

Regular email notifications about your property

We send you monthly e-mail about the progress of your property.


* Legal consultancy is included; legal actions are charged separately.

** Maintenance detection services are included, repairs are charged separately.


We are a well-established organization taking care of property management 360 degrees. With our easy-to-use web application, you can get instant information about your property and be in control of anything related to it.

No. We do not charge any management fee when your property is vacant.

Only regular payments as dues of the building etc. will be charged by building management.

Yes, after you electronically sign-up by accepting the Property Management Agreement, we will contact your tenant and inform him/her that we will be taking care of the property from that day on.

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e-Property Management crew e-Property Management crew

Property Management is a property management company established by Dr. Mustafa Koçak in 2012. Property Management provides corporate and professional solutions to landlords through digital channels even when they are away. We have a professional team of people dedicated to protecting the landlords with our legal and technical expertise.

We serve clients at different locations in the world, doing renting, acceptance, rent follow-up, legal advisory and maintenance.

Dr. Mustafa Koçak / Civil Engineer


Mustafa is an expert in property 360 degrees. He is an opinion leader in property management and teaches young property consultant candidates aiming a more corporate culture in the industry. He has deep knowledge in construction, valuation, property law and tax.

Mustafa has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and PhD in management.

Çağla Kocamaz / Digitalization Expert


Çağla played active roles in analytics and digitalization of Finansbank for 7 years. Following her banking experience, she managed projects about mass customization at Crede Consulting, Management Consulting Company. She is the broker-partner in property industry responsible for digital communication.

Çağla has a bachelor's degree in Econometrics.